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I have been asked this question a million times. People have emailed it to me, asked me during a game, etc. You know, this can be a tough question. There are positives and negatives to both choices. Also you have to consider today's society. In some ways you have to think, "which will benefit me the most?" Now while I wish that I could choose both , the point of this question is you can only get one. so without further ado, let's jump into this.



Who doesn't want a happily ever after with the person that you love most in the world? You could be happy, feel safe and secure, have someone beside you during your hardest moments. You would always have someone right there beside you. You would have someone to laugh and to cry with. Someone closer then a friend. Love often times, brings out the best in people. Having that one true love can change a person for the better. Even though love won't be like it is in those soap operas, it can still be amazing (at least from what I have heard. Lol).


Even though love can be fantastic it isn't going to pay for groceries or has in the car. Even if you love a person, if you get married you will see them all. the. time. No escape. Love can be in the way of things like focusing on college, etc. People can use your love against you to do bad things. 



People who have money can afford expensive things, things that you wouldn't be able to have it you chose love instead. If you have money then you don't have to worry about going hungry. People will respect you to some extent. You can use your money to influence people. If you have money then you can hire maids and such to do the kind numbing tasks around your bigger then average house. 


People who have a lot of money tend to be more...depressed? Sad? 

They think the money can buy them whatever they want, but it can't. Not the things that really matter. You may be driving a mustang, but you will probably be driving it alone. People will make it look like they scare about you, when really all they are after is your money. Your money could get you in trouble. You could begin to care more about material things then people. Those with lots of money tend to lead much un-happier lives. 


Here is my answer. It is the same answer I have always given. I would I would rather love a person completely and have them love me back then all the money in the world. I could deal with not having everything I wanted. I could be happy with nothing but love. 

Now if you chose money then I totally understand. That just means that you feel differently then if do. And that is okay. Just consider the benefits and down-sides of each option before you choose. 

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