We all know and love Disney. We grew up on it! Disney taught us how to be brave, strong, and stand up to anything. Every girl imagined herself in Cinderella or Ariels shoes at one point or another. But after I show you these theories out together by Disney fans like yourself, you may never watch a Disney movie the same way again. 

1. Finding Nemo

We all know the story. Marlin, a clownfish was devastated when a shark devoured not only his wife but all his children as well (which were still in eggs at the time) except for one. The one egg to survive was his son Nemo. Nemo was born with a smaller fin, a defect that was given to him after the shark attack. One day Nemo is caught in a fishing net and pulled ashore. Marlin,along with fellow fish Dory, follow the boat all the way to Sidney. They rescue Nemo from the tank in the dentists office and are on their way home. Another happy ending thanks to Disney. 

Or is it?

Did Marlin really set out on a selfless mission to save his one and only son? OR was he just delusional.

Nemo means No one in Latin. So Finding Nemo translates to Finding No One. Is Finding Nemo really a heart warming story about father and son? Or is it just a tale of a heartbroken fish that set off on a journey across the world for a child that never existed in the first place. The shark attack drove Marlin mad and Nemo was just a delusion. A figment of his imagination.

2. Peter Pan

Peter Pan was a child's idea of a perfect person. Who wouldn't want to think happy thoughts and fly off to Neverland. There are no rules, endless fun, and you never grow older. Fairies and pirates and mermaids. Adventures and treasure for the taking. Where your shadow can be your best friend. Every child's happily ever after. 

But think about it. How much sense does this movie make? 

How could a boy fly through your window in the middle of the night and help you float off with happy thoughts? 

What if you weren't flying to a dreamland. What if you were flying to...heaven? What if Neverland is just the afterlife? 

It makes sense now doesn't it? Peter Pan is a guardian angel. Children who pass away in their sleep and Pan holds their hands and helps them to Neverland. They never grow older because they are...dead.

3. Winnie the Pooh

Now this one is a bit disconcerting. 

Pooh Bear was a favorite character when I was little. I watched the TV shows and even had a stuffed one of my own. But what if the Winnie the Pooh story isn't as child friendly as it first seems. 

We all know about the boy Christopher Robin who has friends who live in The Hundred-Acre Wood. They have adventures and are so silly and sweet.

Or are they?

Fellow Disney fans have been piecing together the bits of the Pooh story and it is pretty surprising. Are you ready for it? 

Christopher Robin has Schizophrenia, which is a mental illnesses. Schizophrenia causes you to hallucinate and be delusional. Christopher Robin, in his compromised state of mind came up with animal characters to keep him company. Each of these animals also displayed a mental disorder.

Pooh suffers from an eating disorder

Tigger suffers from ADHD

Owl suffers with Narcissism

Rabbit has OCD 

Eeyore deals with Depression

And Piglet has Anxiety.

It all makes sense doesn't it?

4. Tarzan/Frozen/Rapunzel (with a bit of Little Mermaid)

Now I have to admit, when I first saw this theory I did not believe it. But after deep research, finding pictures, etc. I began to be convinced. 

Now since this theory spans over 4 movies I don't have time to give a description of each one. So without further ado, let's jump right into this.

Within the first 15-20 minutes of Frozen we have met the sisters and watched as they tell their parents goodbye. Their parents are leaving on a ship to an unspecified location. Disney theorists believe that Anna and Else's parents were headed to Rapunzel's wedding. It is said that Rapunzel is the sister's cousins. If you look at a picture of Queen Iduna (Anna and Else's mother) next to Queen Arianna (Rapunzel's mother) they look quite similar. In fact many people believe that Iduna and Arianna are sisters. 

On the way to the wedding their ship crashed (as seen in the movie). We all assumed that they died and in the recently released movie Frozen 2 we see that they were still on the ship in its final moments. Now I had to do some more digging to see where Frozen 2 would fit into the earlier theory but I think I have a firm idea now. I believe that Agnarr and Iduna went to the wedding and then headed to Ahtohallan. That is where their ship crashed. It is this ship that Ariel sees in the beginning of The Little Mermaid. If you look at the ships from both movies they are quite alike.

But Agnarr and Iduna did not die. They were picked up by another ship. Not wanting to draw unwanted attention to themselves by stating that they were royal they have the names of Alice and John Clayton. Iduna (now Alice) was pregnant at the time. She gave birth to a boy while aboard the ship. The tried to sail towards Arendelle but once again misfortune fell upon them and this time instead of sinking the ship burned. 

And just like last time they did not die. They were washed ashore in a nearby island where they and their son Tarzan lives in a small hut in a tree. Unfortunately they were killed by a wildcat, never seeing any of their children again.

At first it does seem pretty far fetched I know, but if you look at a portrait of Agnarr and Iduna next to one of John and Alice they look exactly alike, albeit slightly older and ragged.  

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Amelia pond
8 months ago

Now I know if I ever see Peter pan, that means I DIED IN MY SLEEP so that's really disturbing

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